Today we want to talk about a crucial part of software development: Role Based Access Control, also known by the barbaric acronym RBAC. Why are we talking about something seldom mentioned in high-tech media and keynote speeches? Well.. because permissions-management is a cyber-security issue. You can have all the protection in the world from identity theft, complex passwords that no one has written down on Post-It® notes, and protection against external attacks. But if an application has poorly-implemented permissions management, or if that implementation is too complex to maintain properly, two things are bound to happen:

  • Some people will be unable to do their job properly because they don’t have the proper rights.
  • Others will be able to access critical information and features they shouldn’t be allowed to use.

Everyone, especially small business, is increasingly aware of this issue, and is trying to do something about it. But this leads to the old problem:

 Should you build or buy your RBAC capabilities ?

Build: Your development team has expertise in the core features & requirements of your application. Are permissions-management and RBAC part of your team’s skillset? If so, congratulations! You probably don’t need Hubrix or anyone to help with your RBAC implementation, but it will be challenging and time consuming. Buy: If you buy an existing solution, it will take less time (at least, less than building it). It might however be expensive, and it almost certainly won’t fit your needs perfectly because it's pre-packaged. We think there’s a better way. Build, vs. Buy, vs… us. Hubrix vs Build: We can provide a robust implementation of your needed feature-set at a cost comparable to your in-house development. This frees your developers to spend more time on stuff where they really shine. Hubrix vs Buy: Unlike existing permissions-management and RBAC solutions, our development service provides a “custom fit” with your application, in terms of programming language, app framework, functional requirements and so on. You can spend your time and money on implementing your permission and access management system... or you can enjoy life while Hubrix does the heavy lifting.

Let your coders be cool. Leave the plumbing to us.
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