Cyril has always had a great passion for new technologies and innovations. He completed his graduate studies in a northern business school in France to better understand a world unknown to him at the time: entrepreneurship. He lived on different continents for long periods during his studies, which allowed him to acquire an open mind and the critical thinking necessary for any player in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

After various experiences in business, Cyril met Daniel during his final internship study in a software startup. After graduating, Cyril decided to sharpen his faculties in areas he knew are critical for any entrepreneur: the sale. To do this, he joined the team of one of the most promising French Fintech startups, Lydia, where he developed many skills in prospecting, sales, customer care, marketing and communication.

Following this very formative experience (and some discussions with Daniel), Cyril joined the Hubrix team in charge of community studies to help Hubrix to carry out its mission: facilitate the work of software developers that shape most of the tools and innovations we use every day.

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