We are very happy to announce that Hubrix was selected as one of twenty winning startups by Menorca Millennials for 2017, out of more than 350 candidates.

Menorca Millennials calls itself “The First Startup Decelerator.” Its program facilitates meetings between startup founders, mentors and investors in an atypical Mediterranean setting. Described as the startup-incubation equivalent of “Slow Food,” the program helps entrepreneurs take a step back, see the big picture, and focus on their long-term development strategy. It is also a chance for these founders to meet domain experts and over 40 investors in a relaxed setting.

The selection criteria are rigorous, and serve as the first filter: founders must be (at least) second-time entrepreneurs; the target market must be worth over a billion Euros; and the project must be based on disruptive technologies. Moreover, Menorca Millennials and Hubrix share a principle that is particularly close to our hearts: the central role of human beings in startup projects.

The twenty winning startups will meet from 1 to 15 June, 2017 in Menorca. The human factor being one of the key aspects of the Menorca Millennials community, this event will build a solid foundation for long-lasting relationships among its participants. It will be an excellent opportunity for Hubrix get valuable advice and feedback for the future of its adventure.

“We are delighted to have been selected by Menorca Millennials, because the concept of ‘decelerator’ aligns with our values,” said Daniel, co-founder of Hubrix. “Taking the long view, have a global vision … as API architects, we do all we can to keep these in mind every day.”

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