Update 18 Dec 2017: the survey is closed and the results are now available. You can read about it here.

Our first survey, intended for creators, consumers and caregivers of software APIs, is now open. We eagerly await your input.

In what we hope is just the first of many surveys we will conduct to better understand the API Economy, we ask some broad and basic questions, but also some pretty technical ones. We’re trying to gather data on API-specific developer preferences that we haven’t found collected elsewhere.

Alan Kay once said, “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” He was right of course, but invention & creation still require raw materials. Software development has a special place among human endeavors because it is devoted to the creation of ideas, and because its “raw materials” are needs & requirements. Thus a survey seems to us the most sensible instrument to “sculpt the future.”

We at Hubrix disagree with many startups and investors (luckily, not all) about the optimal sequence of events that leads from an idea to a thriving business. Rather than rush forward, heads down, to complete our MVP, we thought we might lift our heads, look around, and ask the API community what it really wants.
The aggregate (& anonymous) results of this survey will be made available to all under an open-data license; we’ll probably use a Creative Commons license unless someone has a better idea. But we don’t just want to share these answers — we hope to start a conversation about improving the questions.

Won’t you take 5 minutes to complete the survey?

We also ask you to promote this survey, and share the link as far & as wide as you can. This is as much your survey as it is ours. Over time, we will all benefit from what we learn from it.

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