In the course of building the foundations for Hurima, we’ve developed a simple Logger class. We started by using log4js-node but we needed some features not in that project, namely:

  • Support for XML and JSON output (log Layouts)
  • Log via REST API
  • Built for Node.js v8.x or later
  • Framework for future features


Screen Logjack

Logjack test-harness output


The REST API supports a single endpoint, /log. Doesn’t get simpler than that!

We’re calling it Logjack. We’ve released it as open source under an Apache 2.0 license, and we’ve posted it on GitHub. Node.js developers can also just use

npm install @hubrixco/logjack

(If that package name seems strange to you, read about scoped packages).


Why not just contribute to log4js-node ?

We’re hoping Logjack will become a “foundation component” for Hubrix — that is, the logging subsystem for Hurima and all our future products. Our needs differ somewhat from those of the broader DevOps community, and we don’t want to “drag” log4js-node in a direction that doesn’t necessarily serve the common good. To put it another way, we want “roadmap independence” for our logger.

That said, we’ll work closely with log4js-node contributors to merge any generally-useful features we develop in Logjack back into the log4js-node project, on a case-by-case basis. We’re also exploring a refactoring of Logjack as a log4js-node extension, rather than a stand-alone logger class (that depends on log4js-node anyway). But we want to go further down our roadmap before making that decision.

Logjack’s roadmap and future

Logjack is not a Hubrix “product” in the usual sense. It might become one someday, but for now, it’s just a very modest contribution to the Open Source community that has given us so much.

We don’t expect anyone to need paid support for Logjack, but if you need it for any reason, please contact us and we’ll work something out.

If we ever “promote” Logjack to full-product status, it will remain an open-source project.

Our development priority is Hurima so we’re not setting deadlines on future releases of Logjack just yet. But we already know some of the key features in our development roadmap:

  • API Authentication / token support (required for other features below)
  • Support for an “audit” logLevel — sort of like “trace” but reserved for Analytics use cases
  • Support for end-to-end TLS/SSL/GPG encryption of log data (for file, email and socket/TCP appenders)
  • Additional REST API endpoint to query/retrieve previous log entries, so Logjack can serve as a lightweight logserver

We hope you find Logjack useful, and we look forward to your feedback, criticisms and suggestions.

Logjack on Product Hunt Logjack on GitHub
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