Last week Hubrix closed a pre-seed funding round of 143K€ in a mix of cash and converted debt from a small group of Angel investors.

The funding will allow Hubrix to aggressively promote its Ramasé™ development service and complete a Beta test of its Hurima™ API. Ramasé and Hurima both provide access-control features to human-facing applications: desktop, Web and mobile.

If you need access control now, today, Ramasé is the way to go. It’s a bespoke subcontracting service for one specific, but critical, feature set in your app. Our team will analyse your requirements, use existing Hurima technology to build, and deliver a complete access-control system integrated into your platform. The more DIY types have joined the Hurima Beta Program, which runs through mid-June. We hope to release Hurima 1.0 soon after.

In a case of fortunate timing, on the heels of this funding round Hubrix has joined the Google Cloud Platform Startup Program. The development team has started migrating all systems — development, staging and production — from a mix of hosting providers onto GCP.

We expect the cash infusion, combined with new, robust hosting infrastructure, will carry the Hubrix team to a successful launch of Hurima 1.0.

Photo credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel

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