We are delighted to announce that we are accepting applications to the Hurima™ Beta test.

Hurima is an access-control and user-rights management API, suitable for integration with any local, Web, mobile or cloud application. It is not an IAM component and it provides no authentication service. Rather it relies on other, better APIs to provide authentication. So, Hurima by itself is just access control. But Hurima + PAM, Hurima + LDAP, or Hurima + Auth0 — any of those pairs would be an IAM component.

The First Rule of Beta Club is...

Rule 1. Anyone can apply, but only 50 will be chosen. We are looking for developers with a genuine need for an access-control feature-set, and whose current or near-future work will benefit from Hurima.

2. It’s a closed Beta. Until we launch, the Beta will be the only way to use Hurima. Participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, that will expire when Hurima 1.0 launches.

3. It’s a time commitment. If you cannot devote at least 2 hours per week to the Beta program, please don’t step up.

4. There are perks. We expect a lot from our Beta users, and we intend to reward them in return:

  • Limited-edition Hurima Beta T-shirt, issued exclusively to Beta participants (SOLD OUT - sorry!)
  • 25 EUR Amazon gift card
  • 1 Coupon code entitling you to Hurima Cloud at no charge for 6 months after launch
  • 5 Coupon codes for 40% off Hurima Cloud for 6 months, to give to your friends & colleagues
  • VIP Pass to the Hurima Launch Party in Paris, France
  • Hubrix staff will choose one MVT (“Most Valuable Tester”) who will be awarded a Lego® Millenium Falcon™ (retail value 800€) at the conclusion of the Beta

How to Apply

Comatose Cockatoo

The Comatose Cockatoo, on a good day.

Just complete the form.


This form has (at most) 13 questions. This comatose cockatoo was able to complete it in under 90 seconds. If you’re not a comatose cockatoo, it should take you less than a minute.

Upon completing the form you will receive a confirmation email. That’s it, you’ve applied.

What happens next

We’re accepting applications until 11:59 pm CET, March 01, 2018. We’ll triage all applicants to get a list of finalists. We will schedule online interviews with each finalist. Those accepted into the Beta program will be notified by March 26. The Beta program will run from April 02 through May 31.

16 July 2018 update: We've reopened the Beta to new applicants, and we will be running the Beta program indefinitely. When we release Hurima 1.0, those wishing to stay in the Beta program will gain access to Hurima 1.1, and so on.

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