A General-Purpose Access Control
plugin for Apps

What is it?

Hurima™ (or “Hubrix Rights Manager”) is a complete feature-set for application access control. Authentication (logins and passwords) enforces who can get inAccess Control enforces who can do what.

Hurima is a kit for developers. If you want help integrating our technology into your app, you should look at Ramasé.

Hurima provides:

  • A database to store permissions, roles, groups and business rules
  • A customizable Administration UI
  • A REST API to verify, grant, revoke and audit permissions
  • Other stuff we think is pretty great.

How do I use it?

Hurima will be available 3 ways:

  1. As an open-source project on GitHub and BitBucket.
  2. As binary packages, with yum + apt repository access, automatic upgrades and ongoing technical support.
  3. As a cloud-hosted “virtual private API” that scales with usage.

When can I get it?

Hurima is currently in a closed Beta Program, and will be released soon. If your need is more immediate, please have a look at our Ramasé service.


A feature-set, not a code library

A complete access-control feature-set in a RESTful API. Client-side wrappers for Java, Node.js and PHP (more languages soon)

You seem to need a verb?

Implement role-based (RBAC) attribute-based (ABAC), or design your own model. In Hurima™ the Verb takes center stage. This makes it easier to map to app behaviors and use cases.


Built-in Verbs, or add your own

  • CRUDM (Create Read Update Delete Merge) + Grant + Revoke
  • API Endpoints to add your own Verbs (examples: “Replace,” “Sign,” “Shut off” etc.)

Banner photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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