A bespoke microservice to implement
access control and user-rights management
for your application.

What is it?

Ramasé™ (a rough acronym for “Rights Management Service”) is a packaged subcontracting service focused exclusively on access-control feature development, implementation and integration.


Why do I want it?

Ramasé™ can help if you are developing a software application with differentiated access for multiple users - that is to say, an application where some users have access to a given feature while other users do not.

The application can be of any type or target platform: desktop, server-based, Cloud-based, Web-based, mobile… and it can be in any programming language, using any framework.

Why would I get this from Hubrix?
  • We deliver a specific and critical feature-set in your application, with scaleable, production-grade code
  • Our development team has 30+ years’ experience, and specialized skills in the design and implementation of permissions-management, RBAC and ABAC solutions
  • Let your team focus on what's really important to you: the key features / value proposition of your application. Building rights and permissions-management systems is our thing, freeing your team to do what it does best
How & When can I get it?

If you think we can help you accelerate your app development, contact us and we can schedule the initial conversation. Or you can download the brochure if you'd like to know more.

If you want to manage every aspect of development yourself, and just want our technology, you should have a look at Hurima™.


Phase 1 - Audit

Initial audit + assessment of your software project. We write a report and review it with you.

Phase 2 - Implementation

We deliver code in your application’s language, and an Integration Plan to bring your developers up to speed.


We provide ongoing technical support to you for the entire lifecycle of your application: during your development, deployment/launch, and in operation.


Download the brochure to learn more

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